Oblique Therapeutics AB: Tailored high affinity functional antibodies against hard to...

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Oblique Therapeutics AB: Tailored high affinity functional antibodies against hard to drug targets in cancer and pain

Sreesha P Srinivasa, PH.D. Chief Development Officer (CDO), Oblique Therapeutics ABSreesha P Srinivasa, PH.D. Chief Development Officer (CDO)
There has been tremendous progress in the last few decades in understanding the molecular basis of various human diseases which has led to the development and approval of a plethora of targeted therapies. Many of these effective drugs with minimal side effects have given a new lease of life to people with debilitating diseases. More recently, the spectacular success of various immunotherapies to treat cancer has offered the scientific and medical community the hope of dreaming one day of curing this dreaded disease. There are several drugs that come under the broad category of immunotherapy that include Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors (ICI), Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) – T cells, Bispecific T cell Engagers (BiTE), Cancer Vaccines, Cytokines etc. The broad definition of immunotherapy applies to any drug that activates the immune system of a patient to fight and eliminate the tumor. Among the immunotherapies, ICIs have seen the broadest application in a wide variety of tumors. Quite often, the effects seen with ICIs are dramatic and impressive although the response is durable only in a fraction of patients. Mirroring the tremendous heterogeneity within the tumor and between patients of the same tumor type, heterogeneity of the immune system has also been observed. This is likely to be the cause of varied breadth and depth of response among patients. Hence there is an urgent need to broaden the repertoire of immunotherapies that target alternate pathways to improve efficacy and overcome resistance.

From its inception, Oblique Therapeutics has been at the forefront of discovering novel immunotherapies.

We are very excited about the novelty of our immunotherapy programs which are highly differentiated from other known pathways/targets. We have promising preclinical data and are planning to rapidly advance these programs towards the clinic

The company has two drug discovery programs that target the intersection of immunology and redox biology, both of which are among the established hallmarks of cancer. One is a small molecule inhibitor targeting the Thioredoxin (Trx) pathway. The lead molecule in this program has shown a profound effect in modulating the immune cells within the tumor microenvironment and has shown efficacy in a humanized tumor model of Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC). ObliqueT also has a monoclonal antibody (mAb) program targeting the secreted form of Thiredoxin1. The lead mAb has shown effects on regulatory T cells in vitro and improved survival in a mouse syngeneic model of TNBC. ObliqueT is planning to aggressively advance these programs through preclinical development and into the clinic in the near future. The company strongly believes that these innovative and highly differentiated assets will add to the arsenal of immunotherapies to combat various cancers.

Oblique Therapeutics was founded based on a breakthrough proprietary antibody discovery platform. Abiprot®, is a proprietary methodology to identify epitopes on protein targets that have previously proven difficult to address with antibodies. Abiprot® can identify high-affinity antibody binding sites in a given protein with single amino acid resolution while the protein resides in its native environment. It is based on using a tailored molecular reporter system and proteomics. The platform yields detailed sequence and structure information for epitope identification and development. Oblique Therapeutics is applying this technology for discovery of a new generation of selective antibody therapeutics targeting cancer and pain.
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Oblique Therapeutics AB

Gothenburg, Sweden

Sreesha P Srinivasa, PH.D. Chief Development Officer (CDO) and Prof. Owe Orwar, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder Carolina Trkulja, PH.D.Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), founder and board member Goran GannedahlM.D. PH.D, Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Oblique Therapeutics AB is an innovative biotech company that strives to increase the bandwidth of antibody therapeutics, focusing on pain and aggressive metastatic cancer

Oblique Therapeutics AB